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This morning was the first time I woke up confused about what to do and how to act on Canada Day. Municipalities contemplated “Do we celebrate Canada Day or not?” Although the debate was whether a celebration was acceptable, I asked myself “How can I honour Canada Day?”

Today was a great day to reflect on everything facing us: pandemic, heat wave and climate change, horrific findings at residential schools, and racial intolerance—all within the bigger question of what does it mean to call Canada home.

Today, I spent time (difficult time) reading They Came for the Children. Although it is unfathomable content, I wanted to honour them and to know more so that I can do better. In the Preface, it states “For the child taken, and for the parent left behind, we encourage Canadians to read this history, to understand the legacy of the schools, and to participate in the work of reconciliation.”

Today, I also spent time meditating, connecting my mind and body with yoga, working, cleaning house, and preparing to go to the lake to visit with family and friends. At the same time, I was missing the usual trip to Alberta to see family and friends for an annual Italian gathering.

Today, BC moved to step 3 of our pandemic restart plan. As of today, we can return to normal for indoor and outdoor personal gatherings and masks are optional if fully vaccinated. Yet our comfort level to do these activities that were normal 15 months ago may be difficult. The message to “stay safe” was our main mantra for over a year. All we hoped for during the pandemic was to return to normal and now that it’s happening, many don’t feel safe to do so.

The yin and the yang—the light and the shadow—is showing up everywhere.

How can we handle the pull and the push around us and within us?

BE active. Do what you love. Do what makes you sing. BE still. Sit in your silence. Listen to your deepest knowing.

Return to your inner spirit that has the space for it all. Be guided by your inner wisdom. When we open our hearts, we have the capacity to hold it all with truth. We can feel sadness and grief at the same time we feel joy and happiness.

We can strive to remain in flow and to respect and accept all our emotions and feelings within us. And when we do that, we work from the inside out, so that we can truly respect and accept everyone.

So how can we honour Canada Day? We can experience the wonder of being human and experiencing it all.