Relationships (Second Chakra)




 Is there any relationship in your life that you want to shine a light on?

YES? Then this special four-part second chakra telecourse is for you!

Dive deeper into understanding and managing the challenges of your second chakra energies. The power of relationships is the dominant force of this chakra, and the shadow side includes fear of survival and loss of control. Our relationships guide us in revealing our primary fears and strengths with this energy centre, but it’s up to each of us to reflect on how our own relationships can help us grow. It’s time to shine your light on all your relationships.

  • Module 1: Tap Into Your Personal Power
  • Module 2: Play in Your Creativity
  • Module 3: Finding Flow in Your Finances
  • Module 4: Facing Your Sexual Energies with Grace

Each telecourse call will focus on one of these major second chakra energies:

  • Personal power energy. Your personal power includes the power of choice. As humans, we are constantly making choices. Each choice you make contributes to your well-being so it’s important to make your choices wisely.
  • Creativity energy. Everyone is creative! Yes, everyone. When we shut down our creative energy, we create blocks in this energy centre. Being creative helps you handle change with greater ease. And who wouldn’t want less stress when coping with daily events?
  • Money energy. Money itself is neutral. Our beliefs and attitudes about money create the energy of money in our lives. Do you fear not having enough? Can you never save what you intend? It’s all connected to your second chakra.
  • Sexual energy. Many have a hard time expressing their sexual needs. The second chakra includes our attitudes toward sexuality and our ability to “bring life” into our lives from a creative viewpoint. Being truthful and balanced with your sexual energies is critical for creating freedom in your intimate relationships.

The sessions and handouts are downloadable and yours to keep.