We all have demands on our time. A retreat offers the uninterrupted space to spend time with yourself and simply be.

Whether you have a well-establish home practice or find that your schedule is running your life, taking time for quiet reflection is a healthy and critical component of self-care.

Ten Reasons to Attend a Retreat:

  • Time for yourself
  • Let go of stress
  • Detox from electronics
  • Eat well-balanced and nourishing meals three times a day without lifting a finger
  • Expand your tool-kit of self-care techniques
  • Meet new friends
  • Experience something new
  • Create healthy habits and new perspectives
  • Assist healing
  • Support a transition in your life
relax on oceanfront

Yoga Wellness Weekend Retreat

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa
Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC
June 9 to 12, 2022

re·treat /rəˈtrēt/ (noun): a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet

This yoga and spa retreat is the perfect way to re-balance body, mind, and soul. With hatha yoga sessions, heavenly spa treatments, and nature outings to replenish your entire being, this weekend away on Canada’s pristine West Coast will help you feel renewed both on the inside and the outside.

Retreat from your day-to-day activities to immerse yourself in a state of total bliss. Relax with massages, facials, body wraps, and scrubs at this award-winning spa for a whole new you. Pamper yourself in the luxury Pacific Mist Spa where Kingfisher spa therapies focus on the rich ingredients of the sea—leaving you feeling completely renewed.

Experience unparalleled West Coast dining. Nourish your body and senses with fresh seafood, grain fed meats, and fresh organic produce from local sustainable growers and suppliers—all while gazing out to the vast ocean views.

Take advantage of the peaceful surroundings by re-connecting with nature through outdoor meditation. And to achieve ultimate well-being and relaxation, attend meditation and yoga sessions in the Sandpiper Room with a gorgeous ocean view and beach rock fireplace. Attend this special weekend to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.