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In Part 1, the question was In making a choice, how do you make the decision? Even though making choices can be simple, it may not be easy. But your yoga practice isn’t about making life easy, although that might just happen!

Thanks so much to Debbie for sharing thoughts about her conflict. Sometimes the choice doesn’t leave us happy, but I believe that is completely acceptable. In making the choice, Debbie “listened to her heart” and knew it was the right decision in her “heart of hearts.” In her own words, Debbie identified how to make the simple choice.

Ask yourself whether your choice is based in love or non-love. Non-love can be stated specifically as fear, judgment, rejection, attachment, greed, etc., but I’ll use the term non-love to encompass all these.

When you can’t decide what do to in a particular situation, think about each choice you can make. For each choice, ask yourself if it comes from love. You can do what Debbie did and listen to your heart, since our heart energy centre (chakra) is about unconditional love. There is no mistake when you tune into your heart’s vibration and move from a place of love. That’s why the decision doesn’t have to feel right if “right” means creating happiness or being joyful about your decision. Decisions may be difficult and even unpleasant, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

We use right and wrong to refer to moral and ethical issues. Some are simple: it’s right to help someone in need and it’s wrong to steal. It gets a bit tricky, however, when we useright and wrong to justify our actions or judge others.

Think about a time when a friend or family member made a wrong decision (in your opinion). Why was it wrong? Now, reflect on whether the person made the choice based in love or non-love.

When we can be present with open hearts and observe non-love action, then we can extend compassion towards others, even if we don’t agree with their choices.

Sometimes it’s easier to look at the actions of others before we look at our own. Reflect now on your own choices. Did you act from love or non-love? The key to making heart-felt choices is to want to act from love, notice when you don’t, and change direction when needed. When your heart is open and balanced, you can surrender to the flow of life and trust that all is exactly as it should be, even the decisions of others, but more importantly, your own.